Fun with Sass and Compass

I was delighted to make a little presentation last night about Sass and Compass – two little Ruby Gems that have changed my life. Below is a collection of links related to the talk, collected for the convenience of attendees, and anybody else who might find them useful.

There’s always the question of Less vs. Sass, so here are a pair of articles that explore that question.

We talked about how Sass and Compass are installed, and how the answer to that question, as far as the command line is concerned, is “more easily on a Mac”. I know, right? That never happens. But if you must use a PC, some nice folks have made something to make it easier on Windows.

But suppose you are not so keen on using the command line? Here are four apps (I think there are others too) that are sure to help you.

* Available for both Mac and Windows

So here’s a stack of resources for Sass.

And a smaller stack for Compass

I’d list more stuff, but Fuel Your Coding has helpfully done that work for me.

Here are two terrific presentations I found that helped me organize mine.

And here’s mine.

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